Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More or less this is what i want to do with my life... i'm an anthropology major and religions minor and i love both of these things entirely more than i probably should, but i'm finding myself thinking more and more of becoming a documenter/saver of languages... i've always been drawn to altruism and i always knew that i would live my life in service to humanity in some way and i think i have found that way...
Go here the videos are only about 5-9 minutes each, but i think i have found my calling, i hope they move you in some way. seriously. 

album of the day: (actually 2 albums b/c i forgot yesterdays)
First.... fav song (most well known also).. waiting room

SECOND.. one of my ALL time favorites and can put me in a jammin' good mood at any time...
These guys are seriously the best "dirty reggae" band out there, they will make you want to move and groove. i absolutely love them, and their shows are totally kick ass.
One of my fav songs... Heavier than Lead
There are so many more AMAZING tunes by them... but I'll let you pick your own.

Have a GREAT day

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