Monday, October 3, 2011

Being alone is so much easier.

There's no expectations. You're alone. You accept the fact and that's it. There's no worrying no wondering it's just yourself and goddamn it's so much more simple. Life is yours. There's no questioning, stepping on toes, or stepping around them. Feelings suck. That's truth. Love never lasts. It never will. Tell me of anytime something hasn't ever been "complicated." it's not possible. It never will be. Life, as humans have constructed it, has become too complicated to allow love to exist. Foreign policy, religion, politics, business etc etc. Love will not dominate until humans stop trying to dominate one another. Love is possible, but not until we all realize that this so called life is bullshit. The purpose of life is to exist, to love, to survive. Not this extra fluff stuff bullshit.

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