Sunday, December 12, 2010

.train hopping.

All Pictures From FuckYeahPILFS

A good guy friend named Larry Crarry (no joke, legit name), is generally always drunk-high, his term not mine, he is literally one of the smartest people i know, his IQ is outrageous, but i guess like most genuis people, why use it? he'd rather spoil his liver. But, anyways, he's the first train hopper i've met, his tales of adventures on and off the trains, the places he goes, and the colorful people he meets always keep me interested as he half-way slurrs his stories when he comes back around to Ohio. He heads south and west during the winter and even in the summer he doesn't stick around for long, he gets itchy feet as he calls it. I envy his life, consistently free and whenever he feels like up and moving he can, it's a rough life he tells me, but a fun and dangerous one, hardly a dull moment, spanging for change just for a 40 and a sandwich for the day, some times lucky enough for a bottle of Jack. Every time he leaves he always ask me to come with, and next summer i might take him up on it. I've always pondered the possibility of a lighter life, a crusty one, but i'd see the country learn the lines, and meet some unforgettable people, i like a free-ish life style. I guess a motorcycle would be more practical, not really as safe, definitely more legal, but not as fun, a little more independent, but what stories would i be able to tell..... a train hoppper's life for me?


  1. You can be a train hopper only if you bathe! :) Love you!

  2. i will consider bathing haha i think my current bathing routines would be no different if i did train hop! lol :)

  3. I should have been more specific and said that you can train hop if you make bathing part of the daily routine. I can see that this could be a smelly adventure and don't want my little RJ stinky! :)