Tuesday, December 7, 2010

located two ribs below the heart, it is called hate

So i used to write all the time, journals mainly, and i was going through some old ones and found a bunch of quotes from books i would read....
                "... love unreturned eventually transforms into a fierce tangled mess, nerves and entrails exposed like split animal innards... sometimes the unrequited must demand reparations that love can be a mean spiteful process, that sometimes one loses patience with love. So, then the nerves and guts have seemingly been packed away, sewn in, and cleaned up so as not to make all the innocent by-standers uncomfortable, the carrier of this love becomes heavy with a toxic lump that grows, slowly and steadily, into a fierce ball of scarred tissue. ... located two ribs below the heart, it is called hate."
- "Skinny" By Ibi Kaslik

and another one... on the opposite end of the above one...

                 "...i know where i want your long fingers: tangled in my hair, pulling my head back, running up from my hips to my collarbones, stopping and pausing at all the right places..."
                 "...[he] you could say wadn't purdy, but he was hot, raw sexy, menacing sexy. An epitome of sorts, too, but not any kind of golden boy. Not bring on the babes 'cause i am a man. More of a you might not see me , but when you do, you'll decide I'm sexy."
-"Pretty, Little, Dirty" By Amanda Boyden

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