Thursday, November 25, 2010


I don't believe in love for many reasons. Mostly it seems made it up, it doesn't seem part of our human nature, it's like "love" is actually a long term cocktail of lust and the intrinsic need of  having someone around, or maybe that is just what love is really all about. I believe in compassion, I believe in mother's need to take care of and to protect her children/offspring, to continue her DNA, but it seems as though that as humans evolved there was a need to name this instinctual drive and analyze it and turn it over and around and upside down until some name was given upon, and some fantastical ideal was given to it. Love is impossible. People's feelings change far too often for love to exist. Yes, your grandparents may have been married for 75 years, but do they really truly still "love" each other like they did in those first few years, or even months back then, when they were first married and prior too? I doubt it. I truly feel like people become so used to each other and that pressures from society to not look like a complete failure kept them together. Then finally, they were too old and set in their ways that it just seemed like more work and effort to go out and find a partner rather and start over  than just stay put and quietly tolerate each other for the kids, the family, the seemingly perfect neighborly couple. If you couldn't tell already, I don't believe in marriage but that's for a barrage of other reasons too.
This is just my, maybe coming from a sore spot in my heart, maybe I'm bitter, or more likely it's truth. That's what it feels to me. In this past year, I think that love's existence, or lack there of, has been my biggest lesson.
And it's also just so possible i  will look back on this years from now and think to myself how immature you were rosa, or also very possible, how right you were.


  1. damn... this one is depressing rosa. though i must say, i'm glad you had enough ovaries to truly look at a subject like this and tell it like it is. we should discuss this over for sure tho! excellent writing/observation/analyzing/philosophizing!

  2. it cracks me up you said ovaries marc =]
    but yeah i can't help talk about it, i think all the ridiculous movies i've been wathicng recently are to blame

  3. i hear ya, they can definitely get to ya! i have to do a blog for my web writing class and i think i successfully added your blog to my "check out this awesome blog" spot so hopefully that will bring all the homies to the yard! my url is if you check it out.
    stay cool friend!