Thursday, June 24, 2010

(finally posting...) My second date =]

THIS vvvvvvv is my "confident second date face"

Kay. My second date was considerably one of the best dates i've been on. First. went to The Esquire and watched Exit Through the Gift Shop. Great
film, you should see it. Then the plan WAS to go to Shanghai Mama's to eat, BUT they were closed so we had to get take out... which i was more than perfectly fine with because i suggested we go to Eden Park, where one of the look outs are, and eat there. Instead he told me we could eat with the best view of Cincinnati...soooo he stopped, bought a bottle of wine, didn't forget cups, and bought an unnecessary corkscrew. Basically, i ate faux orange ribs, drank a nice blush wine, on a ledge, with this pretty awesome guy, with THE BEST view of Cincinnati possible. The End. =].

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